Playkidz Kids 15″ Garbage Truck Toy with Lights, Sounds, and Manual Trash Lid, Interactive Early Learning Play for Kids, Indoor and Outdoor Safe, Heavy Duty Plastic


Featuring emergency lights on top, the Playkidz 15″ Garbage Truck Toy helps kids pretend to back up and practice safe driving, just like the real thing. Once the interactive button is pressed, it creates realistic truck sounds that make it feel like the kids are actually picking up and compacting trash. Moreover, the big 6-wheel design is 1crafted with BPA-free, heavy-duty plastic, making it tough, rugged, and easy to push or pull.

More than just a mere trash collector, the Playkidz 15″ Garbage Truck Toy is an incredible opportunity for kids to learn about science, the environment, and the importance of taking care of the Earth. Through creative play, they can learn all about the inner workings of a garbage truck, including how waste is disposed of, how a mechanical vehicle operates, how to pick up and empty trash, and the importance of staying safe when driving.