Green Toys Recycling Truck in Green Color – BPA and Phthalates Free Garbage Truck for Improving Gross Motor, Fine Motor…


Introducing Green Toys Garbage Truck – your source for helping your children learn about recycling and environmental protection in a fun and entertaining way. The Green Toys’ Garbage Truck is made from 100% recycled plastic milk containers, so it is both environmentally friendly and safe for children. There is no BPA, PVC, or phthalates in the material, and it meets FDA-approved touch requirements, making it a safe option for children of all ages. Even if your child happens to lick it, the garbage truck will still be perfectly safe.

This toy also offers an environmentally friendly option in its packaging. It is both recyclable, made from recycled materials, and printed using soy-based inks. It’s the perfect way to show kids the importance of ecological consciousness. The Garbage Truck offers a toy dump bed with a moveable recycling bed, an open/closed rear door, and three chutes for sorting items to be recycled.