Garbage Truck Toys for 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Boys, Flanney DIY Friction Powered Waste Management Recycling Truck Toy Set…


This unique Garbage Truck Toy set includes a 1:12 scale garbage truck that children can build and customize with their own tools, plus four colorful trash cans in the box. Kids can learn patience with the truck’s assembly and can practice their sorting skills with the playing cards included. The car even has a functioning trash arm which allows children to dump the cans into the truck for added engagement. Each interactive and educational element of this toy is designed to offer endless possibilities for imaginative play.

The Educational Garbage Truck Toy encourages children to think critically about their waste and recycling habits, teaching them the importance of sorting, reusing and recycling materials. The truck will also introduce kids to the world of recycling and waste management, helping them to understand how their activities can help save the environment.