Matchbox Realistic Toy Truck for Recycling or Garbage 15″ Large Scale, Sound FX [Amazon Exclusive]


The Matchbox Large-Scale Recycling Truck includes several features that add to imaginative play. The truck can be operated by pushing it forward and backward, making it sound like it is actually working. Additionally, when the lever on the side of the truck is pushed down, the trash bin is raised, and sounds are made to simulate the recycling being dumped. Above the truck’s cab is a horn that makes more real-life sound effects when pressed down. It even comes with a fifteen-inch large-scale truck that allows children to dump recycling or trash for hours of practical and interactive play.

Matchbox understands that children are the foundation of our future. Providing accurate replicas of real-life cars enables them to imagine a world where they can make a difference. They offer a wide array of models that children can use to recreate their moments of heroic actions. Vehicles from Matchbox, such as the Recycling Truck, are designed to allow children to make a difference in their own town or city without ever leaving their front yard. Along with toys all made with safe and durable plastic, children can assemble and heft the pieces as they get ready for their daily mission of saving the day.