Yookidoo Kids Bath Toy – Submarine Spray Station – Generates Magical Effects (Age 2-6 Years)

The Submarine Spray Station is an eco-friendly and fun way to make bath time more enjoyable for kids and tots. Its unique circulating water pump (CWP) draws water through the submarine to the diver shower head, creating a safe and steady flow for children to enjoy. Kids can explore and experiment with the water flow by directing it into one of the funnels, causing a chain reaction of funneling, spinning, and spraying, transforming their bathtub into a magical ocean.



Bath time can be more fun and eco-friendly with the Submarine Spray Station. Through its unique circulating water pump (CWP), children can enjoy a safe and steady water flow through the submarine’s diver shower head. Through the funnels, kids can create a magical ocean in their bathtub by funneling, spinning, and spraying water, causing a chain reaction of funneling, spinning, and splashing water.
A small hand can easily grip and operate the Spray Station, which requires no batteries. Bath time becomes more fun and self-directed when children can play independently and explore. This is a fun and stimulating activity for kids and a safe and eco-friendly way to play with water.
It is a great way to make bath time more fun for toddlers and children with the Submarine Spray Station. Not only does it encourage independent play and exploration, but it’s also eco-friendly. There are unique circulating water pumps and funnels in the bathtub that enable a constant and safe flow of water, transforming it into a magical ocean playground for you to play on. Submarine Spray Station enables kids to experience exciting bath times at home with the help of its features.

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