Bath Time Fun for Toddlers – Shower, Squirt, and Fish with Floating Bathtub Toys!


Kids love bath time, especially when they can get creative and enjoy fun, interactive play. Bathtub toys are a great way to make bath time more enjoyable and educational. With new and innovative bathtub toys, children can enjoy various bathtub play. From water-spraying dinosaurs to marble runs, many fun and creative toys are available.

Non-electric Shower: This suction-cup bath toy sticks to the wall of your tub to spray water in all directions. Kids can change the direction of the water stream by turning the shower up or down. It helps to keep kids entertained and occupied during bath time.

Marble Run: This marble run is a great way to encourage creativity and problem-solving skills. Kids can construct the track to fit their preferences. Stick the path to the tub wall and let the balls move from the top to the bottom. Kids can also water the track and gears for an even more interactive experience.