Bluey Ice Cream Cart – Vehicle and 2.5-3″ Bingo Figure Pack

Bring The Fun And Imaginative Play Of Bluey Home With Bingo’S Ice Cream Cart Vehicle And Figure Pack.
This “Bingo’S Ice Cream Cart” Figure & Vehicle Pack Includes One 2.5″ Toy Figure And Ice Cream Cart With Umbrella




It’s easy to bring the Bluey fun home! This Bingo’s Ice Cream Cart Vehicle and Figure Pack allows children to relive some of the show’s most memorable moments. The pack contains one 2.5″ Bingo figure as well as an umbrella-equipped ice cream cart and umbrella that are articulated and poseable. Just push the cart along on its wheels and watch the umbrella rotate! This cart contains six delicious flavors that kids will enjoy exploring and creating their own adventures.

The Bluey’s Vehicle and Figure Packs are designed to bring imaginative play to life. For realistic play, each pack includes a poseable toy figure and a vehicle that can be pushed. Bingo’s Ice Cream Cart is the perfect way for kids to discover the world of Bluey and relive some of their favorite episodes. You will find your children loving the opportunity to move and play with Bingo, to open the lid of the cart and see the 6 flavours waiting to be scooped out, and to observe the umbrella rotate as they move the cart.

This Bingo’s Ice Cream Cart Figure and Vehicle Pack is intended for children between the ages of three and five. Little hands will be able to manipulate the figures, while the vehicles are designed to be pushed along for realistic play. These adorable Bluey packs will entice children to explore the world and create their own adventures. Providing hours of fun and imaginative play, Bingo’s Ice Cream Cart Vehicle and Figure Pack will surely keep children entertained.

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