Bilingual Spanish & English Learning Toys – Baby Controller Toy

PLAY‘s bilingual Spanish & English learning toys are fun and educational for kids aged 12 months and up. They help kids learn numbers, colors and shapes, and boost physical and mental skills. PLAY toys are safe and meet American and European standards. They make a great gift!



Bilingual Spanish & English Learning Toys

When it comes to learning toys that encourage your child’s creative and early learning skills, there’s no better choice than PLAY. The company has been dedicated to children’s toys for 30 years, and they have created the perfect bilingual Spanish & English learning toys that children are sure to love. Read on to find out more about PLAY’s kid’s game controller toys, remote toys, and much more!

Child Game Controller Toys

PLAY’s game controller toys are designed for Spanish & English learning, and they help children learn their numbers, shapes, and colors. When kids press the buttons, fun and exciting sound effects and lights flash, to get their attention and help them learn. There’s also a round ball in the lower-right corner and a disc in the upper-left corner, perfect for exercising your child’s finger flexibility.

Child Remote Toys

PLAY’s remote control toys come with 15 buttons and a flashing light. On them, number keys help children learn and recognize shapes and colors, while the mode switch key allows them to switch between English and Spanish teaching. The fun question key also lets kids pick out the right number, shape, and color, as they answer the questions. This helps kids learn new things, and it also boosts their cognitive intelligence.

Safety for Kids

PLAY is committed to safety, and all of their toys meet American and European safety standards. The game controller and remote toys are created from safe ABS plastic and are BPA free, with smooth, rounded edges that reduce the risk of choking or suffocation. Plus, they’re built to last, so even if your child throws or drops it, they won’t break.

The Perfect Gift

PLAY’s game controller and remote toys are great for children aged 12 months and up. Each toy requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). They make the perfect gift, and are great for exercising your child’s physical motor skills.

In conclusion, PLAY’s bilingual Spanish & English learning toys makes learning fun and exciting. They help boost kids’ physical and mental skills while they have fun, and they’re built with safety as a priority. Sweet dreams and learning success are only a few clicks away with PLAY!

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